A FibreWorks Gathering 2019
has been Cancelled

Watch for new and exciting details about 
A FibreWorks Gathering 2020 coming this summer!
For the past 15 years A FibreWorks Gathering, has enjoyed the warm hospitality of the Swatara Church of God, for which we are extremely grateful. Attendance has grown, the church and the Central PA Food Bank have benefitted greatly from your generosity, and the fiber arts community has become more inspired, knowledgeable and connected.

A FibreWorks Gathering, as well as the church, has experienced changes the past 2 or 3 years, including limited guild participation, volunteer needs, parking concerns and accessibility to the classrooms. By mutual consent, it was agreed that our 15 year partnership would end with appreciation and gratefulness to all who have contributed to the event’s success.

Now A FibreWorks Gathering stands at a crossroads. Do we continue as usual, or do we take this opportunity to make some changes? First, and foremost, the Gathering has no income other than the contribution from participating guilds, which is used solely to promote the event. Finding a facility to fit our needs has proved to be very difficult when considering the cost, parking, accessibility, date availability, etc.

After much thought and preliminary planning, it has been decided that
A FibreWorks Gathering will NOT be held in 2019.
We promise that A FibreWorks Gathering 2020 will return with more new and exciting fiber art opportunities to inspire, educate and connect you with fellow fiber enthusiasts. We thank you for your continued support of guilds and local businesses, and we look forward to fueling your passion for the fiber arts in the years ahead.

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The FibreWorks Resource Center has been created to be an advocate arts organization for fiber, lace and needlework guilds, groups, and artisans. Our Vision is to:
  1. Assist in the creating, studying, collecting, restoring, and preserving of fiber, lace, and needlework;
  2. Actively pursue opportunities to serve our local community; 
  3. Be an nationally-recognized resource center to inspire, educate, collaborate, and advocate for individuals, organizations, and professionals.
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